Automated Comms

Interactive voice response (IVR) and short message service (SMS) communications that will deliver simple yet highly effective customer interactions on your behalf through our experienced team and high spec technology.

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Chief Operating Officer

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Automated Comms - GFM ClearComms

Our core services

IVR Services

Interactive voice response services are a highly cost-effective method of automatically processing and performing high volumes of inbound and outbound call handling services.

SMS Services

SMS text services offer an extremely flexible and highly responsive way to engage with your customers at all times and increase ROI for campaigns.

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Your benefits

Outsourcing your automated comms services to GFM ClearComms, the UK’s proven industry leader for over 30 years, will provide you with many benefits including; reduced costs, greater flexibility, enhanced efficiencies and improved responsiveness. .

Why choose GFM ClearComms

Cost effective communications

Our IVR and SMS services will enable you to deliver thousands of automated comms in a professional, timely and effective manner at minimal cost.

End-to-end service

We can manage your campaigns in their entirety from concept generation through to development and delivery as a result of our in-house contact centre expertise.

High spec technology

We utilise industry leading technology to perform our automated comms solutions ensuring that your services are reliable and of the highest quality.

What our clients say

GFM ClearComms has been critical to our telethon success by reliably processing people’s donations through their automated services.

We have received invaluable support from GFM for over 10 years. They always deliver the absolute highest level of call handling services.

GFM ClearComms has consistently gone above and beyond its duty to deliver the highest quality customer contact solutions to our readership.

Clients who trust us

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