ClearComms’ Continued Commitment to Quality – ISO 9001

August 19, 2018 10:38 am

Call Centre ISO 9001 - GFM ClearComms

Last year GFM ClearComms gained ISO 9001 certification; an internationally recognised quality standard that is only awarded to companies that demonstrate the ability to consistently provide the highest quality services to meet customer and regulatory requirements. To explain what we do in order to maintain our International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality standard and how that helps deliver value to our clients we caught up with our Head of Commercial & Client Services John Price who shared the following:

“Consistently delivering an unparalleled level of customer service is what GFM has been built on over the last 30 years; however, this internationally recognised quality certification provides tangible evidence of our firm commitment to delivering a quality service and that we do actually live up to this company ethos. We do this through a set of carefully planned policies, processes and procedures that assist in the planning, execution and delivery of the components required to provide an industry-leading performance and service.

“Our staff play a significantly important role in our ISO accreditation and ensuring that as a company we are continuously improving; so that as our clients’ needs evolve so do we. Maintaining our ISO accreditation is testament to the hard work performed by everybody involved and shows the strength of our offering. This has been achieved through the delivery of regular, specialist internal training and performance evaluation with quality assessors. Every single member of staff knows their individual responsibilities and the impact it has not only on their colleagues but us as a company. Given that a customer’s impression of our clients may come from contact with one of our employees, it is essential that they are consistently providing an excellent service.

“Arguably the most important element of this standard is that it’s not a one-off exercise, we are regularly independently audited and assessed by Approachable Certification, a UKAS accredited certification body, against a number of quality management system principles set out by the ISO including; process approach, customer focus, continual improvement and management motivation. This quality management system enables us to measure and track our operational activities to make sure that our internal processes are streamlined, which in turn improves levels of accountability and traceability for each and every task through clarity and focus on identified business objectives.

“As part of this certification we as a company are also required to have a Quality Policy and ours has been developed and communicated by our CEO Peter Sakal. Staff are also encouraged to question existing policies and share their ideas on possible improvements, just because we have been doing something a certain way for a certain amount of time it doesn’t mean there aren’t always ways to further improve that activity and raise our quality levels. Adopting ISO 9001:2015 principles doesn’t just benefit our customers, as the enhanced efficiencies deliver cost savings which we can then in turn pass on to our clients. We recognise that if we help our customers grow through out outsourced solutions then we grow too.”

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John Price - GFM ClearComms